RISC Robotics

RISC Robotics (Reduced Intricacy in Sensing and Control) is aimed at combining robotics and hard automation technologies. The main idea of RISC Robotics is to use only a small set of simple, inexpensive, and accurate primitive tools. These simple tools can then be easily interchanged and/or combined to perform complex manufacturing tasks.

The paradigm of RISC Robotics can be applied to many areas of manufacturing. For example, RISC grasping uses simple two and three fingered grippers with traditional fixturing devices such as clamps and vices. RISC sensing employs simple but precise sensor elements that can be combined to form complete systems for localizing and recognizing arbitrary objects from a library.

RISC Robotics systems inherently consist of few degrees of freedom and low-dimensional sensor spaces. This results in algorithms for manipulation and sensing that are simple, very accurate and very fast.

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UCB Robotics Lab / Eric Paulos / 19 Apr 1994