WICSE: Women in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

WICSE is an organization for all women graduate students in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at the University of California in Berkeley . We meet every Friday at noon for lunch, publish a weekly electronic newsletter, and maintain several ongoing projects such as running a Big Sister program for new women grad students, developing a parental leave policy for grad students, and sponsoring a lecture series during the Spring 1995 semester .

Local Resources for Women

  • Schedule for WICSE Friday luncheons (finger)
  • Home Pages of WICSE members at UC Berkeley
  • How to set up a Home Page
  • AUWICSEE Association of Undergraduate Women CS and EE Students
  • Sheila Humphrys Financial Aid referral, academic problem-solving
  • Information for UC Berkeley Parents & Kids
  • Women's Resource Center Library at UC Berkeley
  • WICS (Women in Computer Science) at Stanford University
  • Jerry McDonough's Web-sters' Net-Work: Women in Info Technology
  • Other Resources around the Net

  • Yale's TAP: The Ada Project , a large database of and about women in CS
  • List of Fellowships for women & minorities
  • Women's Wire: a new interactive magazine for women
  • CSPR's Gender Page (Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility)
  • SWE (Society of Women Engineers)
  • Yahoo Index of Women's Studies

  • Last Updated 6 Oct 1995
    Women in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering // wicse@eecs.berkeley.edu
    Ginger Ogle // ginger@cs.berkeley.edu